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Month: March 2012

BritPod Episode #5

Neil & Callum wing it today with a casual Friday atmosphere on a Thursday. Find out why Women are walking in their knickers in London and if Neil & Callum want this to happen here (no brainer here sorry !!), its all fun and games today with this free flowing show. ย Were having a good time – are you ? Send us your comments through our website, Facebook, Twitter or telephonically. Have a greet weekend fans across the world ๐Ÿ™‚

BritPod Episode 5

BritPod Episode #4

Neil & Callum are wondering if your a Red-Head ? Find out why in this episode of the two funniest Brits in the Pacific Northwest !. Callum rambles on about an English Premier League soccer team called Manchester Units (I have never heard of this team), Neil tells a personal story about when he arrived in the USA (quite naughty !!!) While Neil & Callum continue to entertain the three listeners of this Podcast ! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Free Chocolate could be in your future if you do !!!!

BritPod Episode #3

Neil & Callum bring you a another fun filled edition of our BritPod. Neil is still an idiot and cant say Meryl Streep’s name right while Callum receives loves notes on Facebook from his friends (now former friends) in England. Some plonker kills a dog, Football fans might not like Neil’s comment about a Crochet sweater Callum doesn’t yet own and its a mess when we talk about who’s leaving and who’s coming to England. All that and lots more on this our 3rd world famous BritPod. Tell your friends !!!

BritPod Episode #3