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Month: April 2012

BritPod Episode #9

 Description:  Callum’s news was boring and as usual Neil was very interesting and funny. Callum still continues to believe Manchester United are not only going to win against Manchester City on Monday but win the 2012 Premier League. Would you allow your government to re-name any major American iconic buildings ? – Pike Place Market, The Hollywood sign, The White House ?? Well members of the British government want to re-name one of England’s greatest icons to honor the Queens 60 year Diamond Jubilee  – find out what in this episode along with why Callum spent actual money in our store today. The fun never stops in this podcast 9 from The British Connection, Torrance, CA and Gig Harbor, WA.

Britpod Episode #9

BritPod Episode #8

Well here we are at Podcast 8 as we continue the fun and and humor that I, Neil Bennett provide. Callum really doesn’t do much and I only have him on the show to draw the younger crowd. What happens to a couple in England that have 69 pets ?? Callum provides the answers to this question and Neil offers up a history lesson on Spotted Dick. Neil shows his feminine side and Callum – well Callum continues to do nothing except play on a sound effects to to make it sound like he has a crowd of supporters in the audience. By far the best looking and funniest person on the show is me so listen in and let us know who your favorite idiot on our show is. Listen directly from our blog page or download for free (while you can) on iTunes. Have a great weekend and GO GUNNERS !!

Britpod Episode 8

BritPod Episode #7

This is becoming historic. 7 podcasts, one known listener and hours of fun available for those who dare to listen. English or American, this, podcast is very funny. A guy gets arrested on his wedding night – find out why, a road crew in York do something quite unbelievable and our first car competition (vote Mini Cooper !!!). Callum makes up words that don’t exist and Neil loses his mind on drink of the week. Callum then loses HIS mind on word of the week. Two new segway’s are created by the DJ bloke on this show – oh Callum, right !! Enjoy everyone and thanks for listening 🙂

Britpod Episode 7

BritPod Episode #6

The fun continues with our 6th podcast where Neil & Callum talk about current British news, sports and events for Brits living in America. How would you get to your wedding if your low on a few pounds and what has Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli done now ????? Would you steel if your daddy was a millionaire ? Easter is on Sunday – do you have your Easter eggs yet ???

BritPod Episode 6