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Month: June 2012

BritPod Episode #13

PodcastDescription: Callum starts the show without me today so I have no idea what the first 5 minutes entails – its probably boring as you would expect but I should probably listen BEFORE this goes live – oh well, I hope Callum’s intro is good. My news about the Queen is a little disturbing and Callum’s news I have no idea about but its also as I have said before rubbish !!. We talk quite a bit about football today with the Euro 2012 starting tomorrow and England’s game against France on Monday. I think Callum needs to be careful, his airport friends in the UK might want to beat him up again. Whats the oldest alcoholic drink in the world – Find out right here at The British Connection’s 13th Podcast. 🙂

Britpod #13

BritPod Episode #12

PodcastDescription: Our 12th show is a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Special. The whole show dedicated to the Queen of England and her 60 year rein on the throne (not the toilet). Callum rambles on about various facts about the Queen and I wasn’t much better. Does the Queen have a Facebook page ? What about Twitter ? Listening to this is another waste of your precious day when you could be knitting or something more useful. If you do categorize yourself as the “Hard of Thinking” then go ahead and download, it is free after all!

Britpod #12