If you’ve been craving a full English breakfast with all the traditional fixings, look no further than The British Connection.

Brits and true Anglophiles will know that it takes more than streaky American bacon and some eggs to hit the spot, so The British Connection is here to supply you with the proper ingredients that you won’t find in your typical American supermarket.

You may already have eggs and bread for toast in your kitchen, but stop by our store and we’ll fill your fridge with pork back bacon, bangers, and black pudding.

And it doesn’t stop there. Yes, we sell Heinz Baked Beans in the traditional 13oz can, but if you plan on cooking breakfast for lots of friends or family, why not purchase our giant 2.62kg can of beans? It contains the equivalent of 6.7 normal sized cans and, at $12.99, is better value for money (six small cans will cost you $13.50).

The British Connection also sells white pudding and canned haggis (no judgement).

So gather your friends and family around the kitchen table one morning and tuck into a good ol’ fry-up!


If you want to know more about making a full English, visit the following sites for more information: