The first British Connection was formed over 15 years ago in Torrance, California. This location provides the entire southern California area with all of England’s most popular british food and gifts, from fine tea’s, to the best of british chocolates. The current owners, Pamela and Michael Bennett, have owned and operated the store for over a decade. Since taking over ownership, they have also expanded the store to twice its original size, which means twice the selection to choose from!

Our store is not just for British people, its for American’s. Customers who have traveled to England or have friends who have traveled to England, all seem to want a little reminder of their trip.

A British gift basket is the perfect gift for any occasion including weddings, real estate transactions, car dealers or simply a birthday gift for the Brit in your life. We can put together any size basket for any size budget.

Irish, Scottish, Welsh and even Australian food are many of the other related commonwealth items available. If you can understand any of these accents, then maybe you need to buy yourself a little treat too!!

We look forward to seeing you!

Michael & Pamela Bennett – Torrance, CA