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BritPod Episode #18

PodcastDescription: WERE BACK!!!! After a few weeks out with Callum traveling and me doing nothing, were back to entertain you all. This is a funny one guys, a child drinks whiskey (with water and ice), and the new trend in teenage drinking is explored – believe me you don’t want to miss this!!!, Rooney has a new role for the England team and a big giant spotted dick of the week award handed out to …………..? (you will have to listen, sorry). And Callums drink of the week is just plain stupid!!!! Take care and thank you all for listening.

Britpod #18

BritPod Episode #17

PodcastDescription: Neil & Callum offer a great show today, one of our best!!! What goes on in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas apparently after Prince Harry has a few snaps of his privates made public and what on earth is a man on a boat for 20 years looking for? Any idea where King Richard III remains are? We do, find out where in this episode and as usual check in with us for all the Football gossip with our comments on Robin Van Persie’s transfer from Arsenal to Man U. Firth the first time ever we have not one but TWO spotted dick of the week. Cheers for listening and have a great weekend 🙂

Britpod #17

BritPod Episode #16

PodcastDescription: The London Olympics kick off and Neil & Callum cover Team GB who (at recording) were 1 nill up from the pensioner Craig Bellamy – well done Greg. An 11 year old boy goes missing from a Manchester Mall and you will NEVER guess where he ended up. We cover other news, transfer gossip and the usual array of useless information. This is good one guys so please listen and email us your comments – Cheers !!! Neil & Callum

Britpod #16

BritPod Episode #15

PodcastDescription: An email from the Queen of England will have all Americans up in arms but 4th of July and your American independence is OVER !!! Our 4th of July special will take you step by step through all of the new rules for America under British rule. Enough is enough yanks – hand it over !!! Neil is upset about some Arsenal news as Callum & I go over todays sports events including the latest at Wimbledon where something is about to occur that has not occurred in over 74 years !!!. In todays brief news a man punches a cashier for 50 pence, listen and find out why. As usual if you have the time to download these podcasts you really should evaluate yourself as a person – enjoy 🙂

Britpod #15

BritPod Episode #13

PodcastDescription: Callum starts the show without me today so I have no idea what the first 5 minutes entails – its probably boring as you would expect but I should probably listen BEFORE this goes live – oh well, I hope Callum’s intro is good. My news about the Queen is a little disturbing and Callum’s news I have no idea about but its also as I have said before rubbish !!. We talk quite a bit about football today with the Euro 2012 starting tomorrow and England’s game against France on Monday. I think Callum needs to be careful, his airport friends in the UK might want to beat him up again. Whats the oldest alcoholic drink in the world – Find out right here at The British Connection’s 13th Podcast. 🙂

Britpod #13

BritPod Episode #12

PodcastDescription: Our 12th show is a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Special. The whole show dedicated to the Queen of England and her 60 year rein on the throne (not the toilet). Callum rambles on about various facts about the Queen and I wasn’t much better. Does the Queen have a Facebook page ? What about Twitter ? Listening to this is another waste of your precious day when you could be knitting or something more useful. If you do categorize yourself as the “Hard of Thinking” then go ahead and download, it is free after all!

Britpod #12

BritPod Episode #11

Description: This, our 11th Podcast, it has to be said is the most disgusting. You’re going to have to listen to find out why, but consider yourself warned – It’s gross !!!. Also in this episode, Callum reports on a marijuana story sure to delight your school friends, and a 5 year boy in Manchester, England, eats his bedroom – yes, I’ll say it again – he EATS his bedroom (and yet this is NOT the most disgusting story of the show !!!!) Callum reports on the latest football topics and Neil wants Joey Barton fired. Simply put, another great show that one day you’re going to have to start paying for – the reporting is that good. Enjoy 🙂

BritPod Episode #11

BritPod Episode #10

Description: Podcast 10. What an achievement for two idiots that really don’t know anything but try to sound like we do. Anyone one who actually downloads and listens to these podcasts really needs to have their head examined. Cant you spend your time better than listening to us ?? Well you have been warned on how stupid these are so go ahead and download another because in this episode a guy in England gets a step ahead of himself (listen and you will understand), Wayne Rooney is a loser twice today and Callum & I chat about the biggest AND final games of the English Premier League season –  WHAT A CLOSE IT WAS !!. Want to celebrate 60 years on the throne with us – listen in on todays show – Cheers !!!!

BritPod Episode #10

BritPod Episode #9

 Description:  Callum’s news was boring and as usual Neil was very interesting and funny. Callum still continues to believe Manchester United are not only going to win against Manchester City on Monday but win the 2012 Premier League. Would you allow your government to re-name any major American iconic buildings ? – Pike Place Market, The Hollywood sign, The White House ?? Well members of the British government want to re-name one of England’s greatest icons to honor the Queens 60 year Diamond Jubilee  – find out what in this episode along with why Callum spent actual money in our store today. The fun never stops in this podcast 9 from The British Connection, Torrance, CA and Gig Harbor, WA.

Britpod Episode #9

BritPod Episode #8

Well here we are at Podcast 8 as we continue the fun and and humor that I, Neil Bennett provide. Callum really doesn’t do much and I only have him on the show to draw the younger crowd. What happens to a couple in England that have 69 pets ?? Callum provides the answers to this question and Neil offers up a history lesson on Spotted Dick. Neil shows his feminine side and Callum – well Callum continues to do nothing except play on a sound effects to to make it sound like he has a crowd of supporters in the audience. By far the best looking and funniest person on the show is me so listen in and let us know who your favorite idiot on our show is. Listen directly from our blog page or download for free (while you can) on iTunes. Have a great weekend and GO GUNNERS !!

Britpod Episode 8

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